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Julie Sinatra, Mystery Daughter Of American Legend Frank Sinatra

Authors   Book Under My Skin, Her Own True Story Of How She

Learned At 53 She Was Mr. Sinatra’s Child From The 1940s



 Los Angeles, CA – Would anyone guess that Frank Sinatra had a “mystery daughter”?...or that it was kept a secret from her by her own mother for 53 years?...or how her mother and Sinatra narrowly escaped death in Cuba in 1947?…or that Sinatra’s unknown daughter tried to reach him without success for months before he died in 1998?…or even that the Sinatra family has refused to do DNA tests with the lady now known as Julie Sinatra, even though a court settlement between the two parties has been reached?


This book is the powerful and hard-hitting story of the unraveling of a “love

mystery”, a journey if you will by Julie Sinatra to find her own true identity and come to peace and to terms with who she is. These and other fascinating bits of this compelling and perhaps even startling story are revealed in much detail in Ms.  Julie Sinatra’s book UNDER MY SKIN:  MY FATHER, FRANK SINATRA, THE MAN BEHIND THE MYSTIQUE   (iUniverse Books/Checker Books, 2007, hard cover $27.95; soft cover $17.95).  Julie’s book also provides new and fresh information about the life of Mr. Frank Sinatra.


This book also takes readers on an extraordinary journey of the life of folk-rock music performer Julie Sinatra, her teen years in California, her love of music, the arts and horses as well as her life now in Arizona.  


“It was such a shock to find out I was Frank Sinatra’s daughter,” …”I  am so proud of my father…and so very proud of who I am.,” said Julie, who is allowed

to use the family name as part of her court settlement a few years ago with the Sinatra family.   “My book is the unraveling of a love mystery.”





Julie Sinatra was born in Sacramento, CA during WWII. She now lives in Sedona, Arizona on a ranch with her horses and performs music (she is an accomplished folk-rock singer). She studied theatre Arts at California State University in Long Beach and also attended San Jose State University in San Jose, CA.  She is the mother of a grown son named Daniel Brown. UNDER MY SKIN: MY FATHER, FRANK SINATRA, THE MAN BEHIND THE MYSTIQUE is her first book.  Read more about Julie


UNDER MY SKIN: MY FATHER, FRANK SINATRA, THE MAN BEHIND THE MYSTIQUE can be ordered here directly from Julie’s web site and is also available via amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other book stores in the USA.   







By: Julie Sinatra

Price: Hard Cover $27.95; Soft Cover $17.95

Format: Hardcover & Soft Cover

ISBN: 1-56980-269-6



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