Julie Sinatra, the author of Under My Skin was born February 10, 1943 in Los Angeles.


Her mother was Dorothy Lyma, (aka Hollywood actress Alora Gooding, her stage name). Julie's natural and true father, Julie maintains is singer/actor Frank Sinatra, a fact that was hidden from Julie for over the following half-century, until 1996 when the truth of her paternity surfaced for the first time. “I was in shock. to think I was Frank Sinatra’s daughter,” exclaimed Julie, who herself has entertained audiences as a folk-rock singer over the years.  “I never saw any baby photos of myself…all of my pictures seem to begin in 1947 and I thought that was very, very odd.”


Julie says that mother met Frank Sinatra in 1940 at the famous Garden of Allah hotel in Hollywood, a place that once served as home to such luminaries as writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and columnist Sheila Graham. Julie believes that Frank Sinatra never knew he had a child with Dorothy, since her mother never told the celebrity singer and actor she had his child. When Julie learned from her mother   in 1996 that she was Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Julie tried to reach Mr. Sinatra. “I wanted to meet him, but never got the chance because I encountered so many, many roadblocks in trying to get through to him. I do not believe he ever knew I existed when he died   in 1998.”


Julie and her mother both lived in Hollywood during the first years of Julie's life.  Shortly thereafter, Dorothy purchased a home in Sacramento. Julie’s mother Dorothy re-married after leaving her Hollywood starlet life   in 1947, when Julie was four years old.  In Sacramento, Julie competed in horse shows and became a regional and then a California State Champion rider in most Western style classes.  She also competed riding English on a gaited horse.  She attributes her love for nature to the many summer days she would just ride her horse off into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.

After a time, the family moved to Long Beach in Southern California, where Julie attended Jefferson Jr. High and Woodrow Wilson High School.  Julie maintained a B+ grade average and often sang solo's for the school assembly's. At 17, she graduated and began attending college at San Jose State in San Jose, CA.   Julie had no clue as to what she should major in.  She worked in the early dawn hours at the San Jose Mercury News newspaper, cutting and pasting ads in order to support her way through school, but her grades suffered, and she eventually left school. 


Returning to the Los Angeles area, Julie worked at the famous Bullocks department store in Los Angeles during the summer of 1962 as a buyer's trainee.  Julie returned to college, studying at Long Beach City College and The University of California at Long Beach where she majored in Theatre Arts and was on the honor roll each semester at both schools.   Julie married folk singer Tom Brown and the couple had a child, Daniel. They later divorced. As a single parent she went on to became a licensed California real estate agent to support herself and young Daniel. She and Daniel moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1979.  Julie has lived in Arizona ever since, currently residing in Sedona.


While her first love is music….Julie, in addition to teaching horse riding in Arizona, also instructs in Jazzercise, dance exercise classes and continues to sell real estate.  She writes her own original folk-rock style song on guitar and piano.  She contributes her good health and wellness today is a result of her horse-back-riding that stimulates the
spine, and, as she says “my music, as the brain entrains to rhythm...music and


“My father’s real and well known perseverance played a large role behind the scenes as well,” asserted Julie. Julie's life has a rocky history with bouts of illness and financial hardship, but she is doing all the better these days after authoring Under My Skin.

Julie said: “I am self-described as being ‘ten years old’ in my true identity as Frank Sinatra's daughter.  My life takes on a clarity now and most of my time I am involved with my music.  I of course still find much time to devote to  horses too…my other love.”


 She explains: “I was after considerable struggle, validated in the courts in Los Angeles in the fall of 2002 as Frank's child.  A confidential contract was arrived at between myself and my siblings Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina Sinatra,  giving me total control of the reins in regards to anything I  do in my life in my name,  Julie Sinatra.. 


“Writing my book is a great catharsis for me...I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my life with the creation of the book  ...it’s all about being recognized, accepted and appreciated for who I am and to tell my story honestly and even painfully.”